Friday, June 26, 2009

Play Ball!!!

This Thursday night, Alissa came with our family to a Big Train baseball game. The Big Train is a local, college all-star team that plays in the Cal Ripken league. The stadium is tiny, the fans are all nice and it is a TOTAL blast! It was a gorgeous night, with temps in the 70's for most of the game and with fireflies putting on a show out in the trees when the sun went down.

Alissa hit the park full force! The very first thing she did was hunt down all of the mascots and take pics with each one...she's so crazy! There were some extra mascots at this game.

Louie from the Bowie Baysox,

and Shakey the Lemonade Guy from Camden Yards (you'll see him later)
joined our Homer the Dog, who is the Big Train mascot.

I had totally forgotten that my friend, Robbin, was singing the National Anthem that night with her choral group. Alissa got her picture taken with Robbin since she was “semi-famous” that night. :-)

After all that running around, we settled in to watch the game.
Both teams were on fire so it was an exciting game and there were pop-flies dropping like rain!
One landed near us but Alissa didn't make it in time to catch it....
...and she'd have needed to step on some other folks and didn't want to hurt anyone.

Our kids only watched the game a little. Mostly they go there for the french fries and pretzels, but this time there was Shakey! He kept my kids entertained the whole game with his lemonade convulsions. We finally gave in and let them go buy some.

Alissa and I didn't get too near Shakey. He was slightly disturbing. We both watched his antics from the stands while the kids got their lemonade.

A great time was had by all and, even though we were saddened by the loss of Michael Jackson, The Big Train pulled off a 9-7 win and we had a really fabulous time with Alissa!

Everyone in the stands sends their love!


  1. I love Alissa's shirt. That's awesome.

  2. I forgot to mention that this is in Bethesda, Maryland.

  3. HA! Shakey was a little disturbing! Too funny. Alissa, you're so busy these days!

  4. I would have stayed at a safe distance from shakey - shakey myself. Alissa looked like she fit right in at the ballpark.