Sunday, June 21, 2009

Alissa Does Detroit...

Alissa was ready to get out of the hot Texas sun. So, she tagged along with me for a wedding in the wonderful city of Detroit where the weather was a mere 75 degrees. What's 30 degrees???

Day 1:
Alissa woke up really early so that she could get to the knitting store. My recommendation was that we go to City Knits. They have 2 different locations, but we went to the store located within the Fisher Building in Downtown Detroit.

Alissa was SSSOOOOO ready to get her knit on after seeing this premiere knitted item in the store window. She had to have the pattern no matter what the cost. Alissa also influenced me to buy some souvenir yarn items, but I passed on the bathing suit pattern. It just wasn't in my budget this time.

After all of that shopping at the yarn store, Alissa had decided it was time for lunch. She had noticed that there sure were a lot of "Coney Islands" in Michigan. Everyone seemed to have a Coney Island restaurant. But, Alissa figured it was similar to having mutliple taquerias in Texas. Alissa wanted to go to the best one, so we took her to National Coney Island, better known to the locals as NCI. She had never had a Hani (pronounced haaaa-knee) so we happily ordered one for her. Breaded chicken strips , cheese, ranch dressing, lettuce and tomatoes all wrapped up in a pita. YUMMY!!!

After just looking at it, she decided that the Hani was all hers. She wasn't sharing with anyone. Alissa agreed with me that EVERY trip to Michigan must include a Hani.

Day 2:
The big wedding day on Friday, June 19th. She put on her purple party dress, bow and high heels because she knew it would be a wild night of dancing and drinking at the reception. Alissa is such a pal - she volunteered to be the DD for the night.

She wanted to wish the bride and groom good luck before they decided to tie the knot. Plus, she wanted to see if either one had cold feet. Alissa gave them advice for what it takes to have a long lasting marriage. Reverend Eric was already ahead of her.

While waiting for the wedding to start, Alissa decided that nothing makes the time fly by than with knitting. She pulled out her toe-up socks using the exclusive Brooks Farm Yarn - Possibilities. While knitting and looking around at all of the guests, Alissa noticed the live guitar player. It turned out that the guitar dude was a good friend of the groom. She wondered if he was actually playing because the groom asked him to or if he was just trying to promote his new album release.
The reception wasn't going to start for another hour and food wasn't going to be served for another 2 hours. So, she convinced me that we needed to make a run to Rally's. Alissa can't get Rally's burgers (also known as Checkers) in Texas and her stomach was really rumbling. The drive-thru worker thought it was a little funny that she wanted a picture with him. But he didn't know that he was going to be saving her from typical wedding food. Rally's was so much better!!!

Alissa's wedding adventure ended with the Dollar Dance with the groom. Since his line was pretty short, Alissa got to dance with him a little longer than those who were dancing with the bride.It was a quick, action packed weekend in Detroit for Alissa. The first comment she made when stepping off of the airplane in Texas was, "Why is it so darn hot here? I loved Michigan weather!" But, Alissa is off to Pennsylvania with Melanie, another knitting friend. Hopefully she will escape the heat for a few more days.


  1. Hey! That guitar player was hot, I couldn't help myself.

    You guys can't tell my sister I was in Detroit and didn't come to visit. shhhhhh

    Love you!