Sunday, June 14, 2009

Alissa Does Austin


We decided if anyone deserved a trip - Alissa DESERVED a trip. So we headed out to Austin for a weekend of Fun, Food and Fiber!

Once we were all buckled in, we headed down the road towards Austin. Anyone who knows us Rockstars, knows that we are incapable of going on a road trip without stopping at Truck Stops.

They are the Mecca of Everything that is ROAD TRIP.

Luckily for us, Willie Nelson has just opened up his own Truck Stop right on the way to Austin from Dallas - in Carl's Corner, Texas. So we HAD to Stop.

And Alissa was just jonesin' to see Willie and his Guitars:

(We made her pose with that one.)

After that, we headed on down through Waco where we stopped for our favorite greasy tacos at Trujillo's in the circle.

After we left Trujillo's, we drove through a beautiful lightning storm on the way to Austin - stopping at one or two more truck stops along the way. Our 3 1/2 hour drive to Austin only took us about 5 1/2 hours.

We got to our hotel and after a long day at work and a long drive, we were ready to hit the hay.

Alissa grabbed a quick shower

And then climbed into bed - stealing Sherilyn's monkey - and called it a day.


Saturday, we woke up early and took Alissa and her sassy new 'do to Torchy's Tacos at the South Austin Trailer Park & Eatery.

While we were waiting for our food, we couldn't keep her from climbing the trees.

After breakfast, we went and strolled all through the Austin Farmer's Market, looking at the yummy veggies and fruit and buying some yummy teas.

Then it was time to go to The Knitting Nest for WWKIP Day activities!

We took an amazing Lace Knitting class from the one and only Franklin Habit.

And then she shopped - for, what else? purple yarn!

While we ate lunch, Alissa needed a nap. So she got the sleeping bag out of the trunk and took a quick nap.

Then, we hung out for the rest of the day with Franklin

Dolores & Harry

And, of course, Hank - the shop dog

Alissa then insisted that she try on THE Lace Sampler that Franklin knit for this issue of Knitty.

After dinner and a margarita at Freddie's Place with Franklin and the gang from the Knitting Nest,

we went back to the hotel for some knitting and that's when Alissa REALLY let her hair down before crashing for the night.


We all slept in a lot later on Sunday morning and we finally got to Magnolia Cafe for brunch around 11:15. Of course, there was a line - so we waited at Prima Dora next door and shopped a bit. Well, we shopped - and Alissa tried on Cowboy hats

And washed her hands before brunch.

When our names were called, we went to the cafe and enjoyed the incredible Queso Omelets

Alissa was so happy with that stinkin' omelet, she insisted on paying!

After brunch, we still had a little bit of time before Hill Country Weavers opened, so we went down the street to Ten Thousand Villages. There, Alissa really admired the Guatemalan handicrafts

Tried on some jewelry and a shawl

And really wanted to take home this herd of vicunas. But Tasha insisted that we would have to buy a trailer and a hitch to put on her husband's car - and he just wouldn't go for that. So the vicuna stayed there.

After that, it was back to Hill Country Weavers for some more yarn therapy

She must have been still having fun, 'cause she even was smiling when we made her touch the fun fur stuff

After the yarny goodness (and, well, fun fur), we grabbed a Boba Tea Smoothie and hit the road again.

About halfway back, she hollered - STOP! And we had to stop at the Horny Toad Harley-Davidson dealership in Temple. She was ready to ride -

and before we knew it - she had hopped on with this guy

We finally convinced her that we really had to come on home - that her hubby and kids were probably wondering where she was - and we got her back in the car with a bag of pork cracklin's and a Dublin Dr. Pepper and got on home - safe and sound.

It was a GRAND adventure...can't wait to see where she goes next!


  1. Oh. My. Bob. that was so freakin' awesome. I can't wait to see where Alissa goes next. What great friends she has.

  2. You guys are hilarious! I had a great time, thanks!!!