Sunday, June 14, 2009

A Simple Request

As many of you know, our friend, Alissa Barton - better known as The Knitting Fairy - is currently fighting off Larry the tumor with the love of friends and family, a determined will and chemo. This is her job this summer - and he's not letting her off for a vacation.

SO, as many of you know, she has asked for the following simple request from her Ravelry Friends:

Hey Gang,

I was wondering, since summer vacation time is upon us. Would some of you mind sending me postcards or pictures or whatever from what you do that is fun this summer? I am stuck here and it sucks. It can be anything from your destination, even if it’s just around the town or going back home to visit family. My sister is having a baby this month and I won’t get to go see him, my best friend is having a hard time and I can’t go to her. This sucks. So, if you happen to be thinking of me while out and about I would love to hear from you. Take goofy pictures of you knitting someplace different or whatever. Just help me keep entertained?

Of course, we decided to take it one step further and stick our collective tongues out at Larry and take Alissa WITH us! In the grand tradition of Flat Stanley - we traveled to Austin this weekend for World Wide Knit in Public Day - and we took Alissa with us!

Come along on her first adventure - and then take her along with you on more adventures.

  • Take her on an a trip around your town.
  • Have her knit with your knitting group
  • Buy her a drink (She's a cheap date!)
  • Take her on vacation with you
  • Take her camping
Whatever it is - just have fun with it - and then send the story - long or short - to us with pictures of what Alissa's Adventure and we'll post it here!

How do you get in touch with us??

On Ravelry, just PM one or all of us
Via Email -


  1. You guys are amazing and I can't wait until we can make the trip again!

    I love you!!!

  2. AWESOME! You should post a link to the photos you printed, so that we can easily print them and TAKE HER WITH US! :-)

  3. Your Printed Photos inspiring me; it's the way to shows The peoples that we took original shoot..
    Nice blog.