Friday, July 3, 2009

A Trip to Birch Island with GazeboGal

Alissa was all about helping me pack the yarn - here she is with my second crochet project ever, supervising the pink and purple stash.

Once the car was packed and my kids and their friend C were buckled in, we were all ready to go.

Now, a trip to Birch Island includes a boat ride, and Alissa was more than ready to drive our new Lancer - good thing, too, 'cause I'm not so good yet with the inboard/outboard.

We got the the island where we were graciously welcomed by my Mom. It was a pretty rainy, cold week, so we had soup and toast for supper pretty frequently.

Not a lot of sun & fun,

but plenty of visits with neighbors

and time for knitting. Alissa demonstrated her five-socks-at-once technique on some mini-socks

and gave my daughter V lots of encouragement on her drop spinning!

Perhaps it was more indoor time than we had hoped for, but frankly any weather on Birch Island is better than the best weather anywhere else. The kids stayed with Grandma, but Alissa and I headed back to civilization for the Fourth weekend.

Thanks for traveling with me, KF! You rock!

GazeboGal - aka Sparrow


  1. Five socks at a time!?? Show off!

  2. Wow - great adventure. I'm really jealous all these places that she is getting to see!

  3. Ooooh, Islands! I love islands.

    Tell Ms V that I am proud of her spinning and she should keep going!

    Love you!

  4. What a delight and a hoot. I don't know if you've seen the movie, Amelie, one of my all time favorite movies, but in that movie they can't get her to go anywhere so they steal a gnome out of her father's garden and people travel all over the world with it and take pictures wherever they are and send them to her father. The traveling gnome was such a hoot. Who'da thought our beloved Alissa would become a traveling gnome! Ha ha ha! I love you Lissie Poo, and all of you doing this are just wonderful. I'm bookmarking this site. I want to travel with Alissa too.

    Big hugs and love all around,

    Maitri :o)