Thursday, August 13, 2009

Cape Cod in July

Alissa accompanied me to Cape Cod at the end of July to enjoy some sun, sea, and beach time. We started out with a brief wait for our flight at the airport, when Alissa donned and eye mask for a brief nap, since we’d left so early in the morning

After landing safely in Boston, we drove to Cape Cod in time for a restful night’s sleep listening to crickets. The next day, we visited Bass River, where we were photographed on the dock, before heading to the beach.

Alissa sported a lovely vintage bathing suit, sunglasses, and a beautifully hand-knit sun hat as she lounged on the beach under an umbrella.

She also made friends with my nephew and went kayaking with my mom (who was, by the way, overdressed for the weather.)

When the house filled up with people, Alissa and I moved to a tent in the yard, complete with cots and air mattresses for sleeping, and chairs out front…

… Tho’ we spent more time with my family than near the tent. Alissa and my mom, who is a long time knitter, had a lively conversation on the breakfast porch (if you look at the photos fast enough it’s like a flip book of the action ;) )…

… and decided that a trip to a yarn shop was in order. So after returning one of my nephews to his family near Boston, Alissa, my mom, and I went to A Good Yarn in Brookline, and serendipitously, everything was on sale that day!!! So Alissa found herself amongst the lovely lace-weight yarns.

Tho’ we all know that a yarn shop should be and usually is the highlight of any trip, Alissa also joined my family at a performance of Forever Plaid at the Cape Playhouse at the Cape Cod Center for the Arts. She wore a lovely white sundress that evening that was reminiscent of something worn by a young Elizabeth Taylor, and the performance was wonderful!

Finally, before retuning home, we all shared a wonderful lobster dinner,… the perfect end to a perfect vacation!

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  1. Sounds like you and Alissa had a wonderful time. Loved all her great outfits. Some day I'd like to go back to New England.