Sunday, August 30, 2009

Alissa Hits the High Seas - Both North and South


HI, my name is Alissa and I have been traveling all summer.

In July I went to Sitka, AK with Eunice, her DH and 2 DD with their husbands. We boarded the boat with the captain and his wife.

I got so excited because I decided maybe something here would get me on a TV show.

Here I am getting ready for Fear Factor.

I thought of Deadliest Catch too, but I found something better to do with the catch.

One of my biggest secrets got out while I was here. I turn into The Knitting Fairy whenever I get around yarn and all this Noro really did it to me.

This is what some of the Noro turned into.


After 5 days of eating, knitting, and catching fish, I along with Eunice and her DH flew to Los Angeles and on to Tahiti. Boy that was a long flight. I couldn’t believe it when they decided I needed to get on another boat!

Now they put me to work. There were 8 crew members sailing this boat for 1500 miles to a Bible School in Samoa. I was part photographer (they knew I lived with an excellent one), and part cook.

The second day we stopped at Bora Bora and had lunch at Bloody Mary’s.

Hey I could play the lead in “South Pacific” and stay on this island.

After that we traveled for 3 days in rough seas and never saw land or another boat. I did great and never got seasick, but had to sleep on my back so I didn’t roll out of bed. The view was the same from every window! Are we alone in the world?

I found the best place to rest was in some malabrigo and yes, The Knitting Fairy showed up again.

After 9 days at sea we were in sight of Apia, Samoa. We put up the Samoan flag and blew the horn. The students and staff on shore all cheered.

We were happy to get off the boat and head for a hotel. Why are we all walking so funny and why does the ground seem to be moving?

Wow, I just found out that ”Survivor” is being taped here. Maybe I could be on that show! Too bad their whole filming crew is staying at the other hotel.

I spent the next few days visiting the Bible school, touring the island, and hanging around all the beautiful flowers.

After being gone for 3 ½ weeks we flew back to DFW. What an adventure. Next time I am going to take my DH along and stay in the honeymoon cabin.

And, by the way, I didn’t get on a TV show but I did make the cover of a magazine!

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  1. What an advemture Alissa. You had an excititng summer. Eunice did a wonderful job of telling your story and taking beautiful pictures. What's next?